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From George Combs II: 

Peter was once a Golden Gloves contender.

Gene only learned to drive in his late 30's!

Ace uses blue makeup around his eyes because the silver sparkle
makeup causes his eyes to swell shut.

Paul was a pudgy kid, and he had a deformed ear, which was later
surgically corrected.

In his own words, Gene's first sight of America was a picture of
Santa Claus smoking a cigarette!  Being born in Israel, he had no know-
ledge of Santa Claus, and thought it was a Jewish Rabbi!  (From "Bass
Player"--May 96


Gene Simmons speaks four languages fluently:English,Hebrew,German,and Hungarian.
At on time Paul Stanley wanted to be an anthropologist.
Before becoming a member of Kiss Gene was a 6th grade teacher.
Gene's tongue has been measured at 7 in. long.
Peter Criss is a big fan of big band music.
Gene played the piano on "Christeen Sixteen".
Ace Frehley was an art student.He designed the Kiss logo.
Peter was a high-school drop-out.
Paul designed Vinnie Vincent's Kiss character.
A magician named Amaze-O taugth Gene how to fire breath.
Paul was going to produce Guns-n-Roses's "Appetite for Destruction"
album but decided not to work with them.
During the mid-70's Gene wore braces on his bottom teeth.
Gene's mother Florence is a Nazi concentration camp survivor.

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