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With special guest Blue Novocaine

BLUE NOVOCAINE:I had never heard any of novocaine's songs before this concert so I didn't know what to expect.But the second they walked out and hit the first ear-piercing chord i knew these guys were the best band in Tennessee!!!Hard rock party anthems,tender ballads,and pure energy.What else does a rock band need?These guys were great! Rating:8 out of 10

JACKYL:Wow!!!These guys are so loud!From the begining of "Dumb@$$ Country Boy" to the closer "We're An American Band" JaCKyL WAS rock n roll.The highlight of the show was when Jesse Dupree brought out a chainsaw for "The Lumberjack".He then lit a chair on fire and picked it up over his head and started smashing it all across the stage.They even brought people up on stage to sing "Locked & Loaded".They really know what the fans want and put on the wildest show I have ever seen!Rating: 9 out of 10